Memento Mori


The Last Supper: Jonathan Nobles


On Sept 13 1986 Jonathan Nobles broke into the home of Mitzi Johnson-Nalley and Kelly Farquhar under the influence of a combination of drugs and alcohol. Nobles stabbed both women to death. Mitzi’s boyfriend, Ronald Ross, was stabbed 19 times and lost an eye, but he nevertheless survived the attack. Nobles was executed for his crimes on Oct 7 1998.

Nobles requested the Eucharist in place of a final meal.

Nobles had converted to Catholicism on death row. While in prison he corresponded with infamous euthanasia proponent Dr Jack Kevorkian and attempted (unsuccessfully) to have his kidney donated to a willing patient. In a lengthy final statement Nobles quoted extensively from Corinthians and expressed love for the witnesses.

Nobles sang Silent night as the lethal injection was administered, the performance broken by a gasp as the drugs took effect.