Memento Mori


New Macro Photography

I've added some new close-up shots to my gallery Inside.  The first image, previewed above, is a close-up view of the thumb of a black chicken.  (Black chickens -- also called Silkie -- are totally a thing that exists, it turns out.)  When I first noticed this weird double toenail I assumed it was a malformation of some kind; I've spent enough time looking a chicken feet up close to know that sores, defects, and other disease markers are pretty common on the meat we purchase.  However, after a quick search on google it turns out that Silkie chicken feet just naturally look like that.  This beast is quickly becoming my favourite kind of chicken.

The remaining shots are all close-up views of various parts of a lamb's head.  In order: the teeth, the nose cavity (sawed open to reveal the bone structure), the base of the skull, and the ear cavity (ear removed).