Memento Mori


New Macro Photography

I'm super excited to be heading off to Minneapolis in a few days, where I will be catching up with some old friends, may of whom I haven't seen in person since in the days when I lived in a filthy run-down bachelor flat in Dinkytown.  The building was a mess and there were fraternities everywhere in that neighbourhood.  It turns out that American undergraduate college life is exactly as portrayed in Hollywood movies.  When the weather was nice bros would hang out on lawns, toss footballs at each other, and drink beer through a funnel while their girlfriends cheered them on and drank sugary pink stuff.  The whole thing was surreal.  (Dear friends in the US: you really should know how singular this kind of college experience is; getting a higher education is nothing like that elsewhere in the world.)  I'll probably post some shots from around the city when I get back.  In the meantime, please do enjoy this latest batch of macro photography.  In order, we have: the eye of a lamb, the lamb's brain (which made the most delightful "schlup" sound as I extracted it from the skull with my thumb), the eye of a black chicken (these are a thing that exists, it turns out), and two extremely close-up views of a pig ear.