Bazaar of the Bizarre: Halloween 2018, Toronto Edition by Neal Auch


I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be at the Toronto Bazaar of the Bizarre again this year! I had a great time at the event last year and I’m very pleased to be doing this again with so many awesome vendors. You can check out the event Facebook page for more information. (I’ve also cut-and-pasted some of that info below.) Friends in Hamilton: don’t worry, I’ll be doing the Hamilton Bazaar also on the following Sunday! More info to come…

What: A marketplace for all things, different, interesting, macabre, out of this world..."not your grandma's craft show". ;)

When: Sunday October 7th 2018, open to the public from 11am - 8pm 

Where: Pia Bouman Ballet School, 6 Noble street, Toronto

The bazaar remains a true Bazaar of the Bizarre, open to the public with FREE admission, and showcasing a wide variety of independent artists, designers, and crafters.

Jess Hrycyk
Three on the Treetop
Ilysian Fields
The Maille Women
Collum Fabrica
Natalie Very B. Illustration
Hedo Cosmetics
GRRRL Spells
Stuffed pain
hugo is a ghost
Thready To Go
William Hayward Johns
Sword in the Stone Crafts
Gypsy Circus  
Art Of Keith Busher: Precious Mutations
The Tarot Boutique
Le Petit Chapeau
The Bottom Line 
Seven Sisters 
Drop Dead Candles 
Neal Auch Photography
My Heart & Armour
Lunchbag Letdown
BEE23 Natural Beauty
Black Iris Design
Valkyrie Bone Crafts
Thread and Flash Studio
Monster Cliche
Black line accessories 
Sabrina Scott / Witchbody
Homebody Collective 
Hex and Herb
Muze Creations
Young Pup Lingerie
Fjellstrom Leather
Artisan Maille
Vanessa Walsh Erotic Watercolours
Little Bell
The Lady of the Lathe
Revprint studio 205
The Wholesome Witch
Druid Forest 
From the Attic Dark Dolls 
Inspiration Vintage
Plastik Wrap clothing

Group Exhibition: The Shadowood Collective's Betwixt & Between the Monsters we Dream by Neal Auch


I'm crazy excited to announce that I'll be taking part in the upcoming The Shadowood Collective group exhibition, titled Betwixt and Between the Monsters we Dream.  I'm honoured to be having my work featured alongside a whole shit-load of fantastically talented artists, including  Allen Williams, Troy Brooks, and Anita Kunz.  The opening night gala is Tuesday Feb 6 at The Arts Project gallery (203 Dundas Street in London ON).  Tickets can be purchased here.  I'll be hanging out that evening, as will many of the other artists.  If you live in the GTA please come on out!

Hamilton Bazaar of the Bizarre: Thank you! by Neal Auch

I had a great time at the Bazaar of the Bizarre yesterday. Thanks so much to the organizers and also everybody who came out to chat or buy stuff or just look at all the fun creepy wares on display! It really means a lot to small indie arty weirdo like me to have so many cool people come out. Your support -- both moral and financial -- is what keeps folks like me in the business of photographing corpses and taking severed pig's head dic pics. You're all amaze-balls! 

I can't emphasize enough how great it was to see so many people out! I was honestly stunned at the crowd. Although Hamilton is smaller by about an order of magnitude, I'd guess that crowd yesterday was comparable to what we had at the Halloween Bazaar in Toronto. (Certainly my sales yesterday were comparable, if that's any metric.) So... To my mind this constitutes rigorous mathematical proof that Hamilton is 10 times more artsy than Toronto. Science!

This was likely my last show of the season; from December on it gets a bit cold to be out Art-Crawling. I will, of course, be back doing shows starting next spring at which point I should have some new stuff ready that I'm excited about. In the meantime, I'm of course still selling prints through my website so send me an email ( or reach out via social media if you're interested in anything.

Thanks again, you're all awesome Hamilton!

Hamilton Bazaar of the Bizarre by Neal Auch


Dear friends in Hamilton: I'll be at the Bazaar of the Bizarre on Sunday Nov 12 at 1221 Hughson St N, near James St N and Cannon.   If you're in the area please come on out! There will be lots of cool weirdo vendors selling all manner of cool weirdo stuff. As always, I'll be selling framed prints and, as always, I carry stuff ranging from very small (4X6, 8X10, etc) up to very large (16X20, etc) so I usually have something that can accommodate most budgets. Come on out!