Toronto Bazaar: Thank you! / by Neal Auch

I had an amazing time The Bazaar of the Bizarre: Halloween 2018, Toronto edition! Thank you SO much Toronto, your support means so much and is a big part of what keeps art-y weirdos like me in the business of making weird art. The turn-out was spectacular, everybody I met was lovely, and I broke my previous record for print sales, which is amazing. Thank you!

I completely ran out of small format prints featuring skulls from the Catacombs of Paris and I nearly ran out of the medium format for this series also. Apologies to those who were disappointed to not get their hands on one of those; I evidently vastly underestimated the popularity of those works. I'm working to replace that stock right now, please send me a message if there's something specific you are looking for. 

For those out of the GTA: my Etsy shop is now live again with somewhat reduced inventory reflecting the sales yesterday. The stock should be back up in the next week or so.

Thanks all!