Book Review: Thomas Ligotti's My Work is Not Yet Done / by Neal Auch

I love H.P. Lovecraft as much as the next creepy fellow out there and yet I do not share the interest many of my fellow horror nerds have with endlessly re-imagining and re-visiting his ideas/mythos/style/whatever.  To my mind I feel like that ground has been adequately covered, and I am much more interested in reading something that carves out new territory in this particular genre.  

So my interest was certainly piqued when I learned that "corporate horror" is apparently a thing that exists.  Thomas Ligotti's horror novel My Work is Not Yet Done is a collection of 3 tales (the titular novella, along with 2 short stories) that interweave demonic/supernatural horror with the drudgery of faceless corporatism, office gossip, and terrible bosses.  Think Franz Kafka meets Stephen King meets a Dilbert comic.  The result is a lot of fun, indeed.  Ligotti has a self-assured style, a distinctive voice, and displays a considerable amount of creativity in these 3 short works.  While the centrepiece of this collection is plainly intended to be the novella My Work is Not Yet Done, I was struck at how much fun the appended short stories were.  My impression was that, freed from the constraints of a longer narrative, Ligotti was able to let loose and get a bit more experimental/surreal with his writing.  This was my first exposure to Ligotti, but I am definitely planning to seek out more of his short stories.