Cover Art Review: Steven Dunn's Potted Meat / by Neal Auch


I reviewed Steven Dunn's wonderful book Potted Meat some time ago, well before I had taken to blogging about cover art.  Although thinking about cover art critique was not on my radar at the time, nevertheless I did feel compelled to comment on this glorious image by Angel Whisenan, a still life arrangement of some kind of organ meat (looks like pig stomach to me but I could be wrong) and bones.  This kind of thing is, of course, quite in keeping with my own still life work, so I kind of can't help but love this image.  I love the textures in this shot and the soft light falling off to deep black shadows.  I love Whisenan's placement of the bones; the two skulls at the base of the piece almost suggest feet and make me think about this as a sort of abstract representation of a figure.  Here Whisenan has taken the concept of what the highly processed potted meat "food product" actually is (namely, a big mess of organ meats and other scraps of the meat industry) and she has distilled it into a form that is readily recognized by the viewer.  Beautiful stuff.