Bazaar of the Bizarre Update: Thanks so much! / by Neal Auch


You're amazing Toronto! Thanks so much to everybody who came out to the Toronto Halloween edition of the Bazaar of the Bizarre yesterday! I had a wonderful time meeting all of you. Thanks so much to the organizers for putting on this wonderful event, thanks to the other vendors who were all lovely and kind, and thanks especially to everybody who came out to support local artists. It really means a lot to see so many people at events like this, and your support (both financial and moral) is what keeps artistic weirdos like me in the business of creating weird idiosyncratic art. I'm so grateful to all of you!

Events like this are always a bit of a gamble; going in one doesn't necessarily have a clear idea of how many prints to prepare and which images (if any) will sell. I decided to be optimistic and framed significantly more images that I figured I'd be able to sell, reasoning that I'd probably clear the surplus at the next couple of shows I have this fall. But, holy shit Toronto, y'all came through and bought considerably more than I anticipated! It feels wonderful to be able to walk away with my boxes lighter than when I arrived. Thank you so much! I apparently underestimated the popularity of the smaller format skulls prints. Lesson for next time: bring lots 4X6 and 8X10 prints of skulls in the catacombs. I am already at work printing more skull shots for my next show.

One last point in this rambling post of gratitude: if you wanted a print but didn't manage to grab one at the Bazaar, feel free to reach out to me by email ( or via the contact form) or on social media. There are loads on images on my website and I'm always happy to make custom prints, even for smaller pieces.

Thanks again! You're all fantastic.