Travel Photography: Cannon Beach, Oregon / by Neal Auch

This photo of a lonely child running along the beach is my favourite capture from a recent trip to Oregon.  My spouse and I were visiting Portland and made the drive out to Cannon Beach one day to have a look at the famous Haystack rock.  We made it onto the beach just as the sun was setting, and I managed to catch this young boy running almost the minute I got my camera out of my bag.  This shot is non-standard in a couple of ways.  Firstly, it's essentially a landscape shot taken using a telephoto lens, not a wide angle.  This wasn't really a creative choice: I shot tight just because my 55-300mm happened to be the lens that was on the camera when I spotted the scene and I figured it was better to take the shot with a weird lens choice than risk missing it.   The second non-standard feature of this is the composition; normally I wouldn't have the subject dead-centre for an image like this.  I've tried different crops and for whatever reason (perhaps the symmetry of the rocks behind the boy) I prefer it this way.