I’m an artist living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  My work is rather death haunted, I make frequent use of dead animal organs and human remains as subject matter, and my imagery is very much informed by the idea of memento mori (the medieval practice of reflecting on the certainty of death).  I also have a particular interest in the ethics of eating animals and the commodification of suffering; much of my art seeks to recontextualized the grotesque aspects of our daily life that are often hidden in plain sight.  My practice combines contemporary digital photography techniques with a visual aesthetic influence by painters such as Claesz, Goya, Caravaggio, Bosch, and Gericault.  I've dabbled in various artistic mediums throughout the years, but adopted photography as my primary creative outlet in 2015, and my practice is informed by an eclectic background that encompasses death metal, experimental music, transgressive literature, academic mathematics, and computer programming.  I'm also also broadly interested in feminism, women's reproductive rights, the subversion/sexualization of religious iconography, and pretty much anything weird, surreal, creepy, or transgressive.

I’m a member of the Shadowood Collective of dark artists, which also includes Clive Barker, Allen Williams, and Troy Brooks.  A selection of my pieces were featured in their 2018 group exhibition: Betwixt & Between the Monsters we Dream.  My work has been published in print in Heavy Music Artwork’s Aesthetics of Sickness,in Propulsion Magazine and in Suspira Magazine. My work has also been published online in Cvltartes Magazine and Float Magazine.  I have done commissioned work for Grindhouse Press (the publication is forthcoming in 2019).  I’ve been interviewed by ND Magazine, the Phoblographer, and Culture Fancier.  I’ve also been known to show up fairly regularly as a vendor at the Punk Rock Flea Market, the Bazaar of the Bizarre, and at the Hamilton Art Crawl.