I take pictures of dead things.

My prints have been exhibited in galleries, including The Shadowood Collective’s 2018 show Betwixt & Between the Monsters we Dream. (The collective also includes world renown artist, writer and filmmaker Clive Barker of Hellraiser fame). My work has been published in print in the coffee table book Aesthetics of Sickness, alongside works of prominent contemporary artists such as Andres Serrano (of Piss Christ fame) and interviews with well-known bands including Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, and Napalm Death. My work has also been published in print in Propulsion Magazine and Suspira Magazine. I have been interviewed in a number of online publications over the last few years, including the Phoblographer, ND Magazine, Cvltartes Magazine, Float Magazine, and Culture Fancier. I show up as a vendor kinda-sorta-semi-regularly at the Punk Rock Flea Market, the Bazaar of the Bizarre, the goth dance party Resurrection, and the Hamilton Art Crawl. (Keep an eye on my Events page for info about upcoming public appearances.)

I’m a Canadian, currently based in Hamilton, ON, after a rather chaotic life trajectory. I've dabbled in various artistic mediums throughout the years, but adopted photography as my primary creative outlet around 2015, and my practice is informed by an eclectic background that encompasses death metal, experimental music, transgressive literature, academic mathematics, and computer programming.  I'm also also broadly interested in the commodification of suffering, using art to recontextualize the grotesque aspects of our daily life, the ethics of eating animals, anatomical/medical art, feminism and women’s reproductive rights, the subversion/sexualization of religious iconography, and pretty much anything weird, surreal, creepy, or transgressive.