I'm a fine art photographer living in Hamilton, Ontario.  Most of my recent work concerns the ethics of eating animals.  I also have a few other projects in the pipeline: one about women's reproductive freedom and another focused on the subversion of religious iconography.

Meat as Art

Like most of us, I was raised with a bucolic image of life on a farm: cows grazing green pastures while chickens scramble about the barn and pigs wallow lazily in mud pits.  This image, however pleasant, is a fantasy that exists only in children’s books, and on the graphics that adorn processed food packages.  The reality is that contemporary factory farms rely on cruelty and torture on an industrial scale.   Most of the animals we consume will have lived lives of intense suffering: confined in windowless sheds, densely-packed into cages where the spread of disease and parasites is rampant, fed additive-laced foods that bear little resemblance to a natural diet, and subject to various surgical mutilations.

It is all too easy to forget about the cruelty and suffering that underlies the animal products we interact with daily, through our meals, clothes, and furniture.  My work on the commodification of animal suffering focuses on meat products that are intended for human consumption; I buy everything that I work with at the butcher.  My aim is to present these food products in an unfamiliar context, where the ugliness and cruelty of the industrialized farming system becomes manifest.


Please email me (or use the form below) for prints, licensing, or commissions to discuss pricing and options.  I sell prints in various different tiers ranging from very small format (4X6, 5X7, etc) up to very large, so I can usually find something to accommodate most budgets. 

If you're in the GTA and are interested in collaborating please also feel free to send me a message.  I'm always on the lookout for interesting subjects and I'm happy to work with models of any experience level, age, body type, ethnicity, level of ability, gender identity, orientation, etc.

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